Dexter / Canal+ Series


Broadband TV customers can order Lumotv channels even if the residence is not connected to the cable network. Bbroadband TV image quality corresponds to that of cable TV without the need for separate antennas or satellite dishes. 

Channels which can be viewed through broadband TV are marked with "IP" on the channel descriptions.

To use broadband TV services you’ll need:

  • TV with Scart- or HDMI port
  • Minimum of 8 Mbit/s broadband connection and IPTV compatible broadband terminal, for. ex. broadband modem.
  • Digital set-top box (STB) suitable for IPTV services. You can acquire one easily from your Lumotv operator.
  • Watching pay TV channels requires also Lumotv Vieving Card.

Broadband TV requires minimum of 8 Mbit/s broadband connection. Check the more detailed information and availability from your local Lumotv operator.